Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

"When the harmonies blend and you are working as a team...

... there is nothing like it for sheer enjoyment!"

(DRTT Choir member)


Deep Roots Tall Trees is a Corby-based arts organisation that aims to extend the relevance of music, singing, dance and the arts to the widest possible local and regional audience.



We are delighted that Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, Northamptonshire Community Foundation, and Corby Borough Council are supporting another ground-breaking Deep Roots Tall Trees project – "Changing Corby". Following on from "Our Woods", this new 2-year programme will build on the achievements of DRTT's work to date and move our collective creativity in new directions.

Find out all about  Changing Corby HERE and learn about how you can get involved. 

Our Woods, our last collaboration, brought together sound, movement and light to celebrate our town’s unique urban woodlands. It was a creative journey for everyone involved, who came together joyfully through song writing, singing, performing and arts activities, developing confidence, ability, skills and ambition – and particularly... to have a lot of fun. Enjoy this short taster of the project's finale: "Dreaming Our Woods".

Choirs in Corby

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An evening with our Serbian friends! - posted 15/10/2019

On the evening of Sunday 13th October 2019, we were delighted to be invited by local Serbian performing arts group, Serbia St Eliah, to collaborate together on a social evening as part of our "Share and Celebrate" events programme as part of "Changing Corby". We were treated to performances of traditional Serbian dance by their young people's dance troupe, songs and traditional Serbian cuisine. 

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