Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Who We Are

Deep Roots Tall Trees is led by Rosalind Stoddart, Barb Jungr, Kate Dyer, Gareth Fuller and Simon Steptoe with the support of Gill Arthey, Fiona Rodgers and Jenny Williams.


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Barb Jungr

Barb is an award-winning British singer-songwriter whose CDs and performances have received numerous awards and rave reviews in the UK and America. She has written for theatre and a variety of publications, appeared many times on television and is a regular on Radio 4. Invited by Rosalind Stoddart to be Artistic Director of Deep Roots Tall Trees, she has drawn on her long career of empowering and enabling local musicians, singers and writers, and been instrumental in making the Deep Roots Tall Trees repertoire unique in Great Britain.

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Rosalind Stoddart

After graduating from Camberwell School of Arts and crafts with a BA (Hons) in Painting, Rosalind gained a PGCE:AD. She then spent a few years teaching before working full time as an artist gaining certain recognition including being selected for one of the 1000 residencies across the country awarded by The Arts Council England in the year 2000.

From late 1998 she began to exhibit other artists work in her home. Her organisation, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, formally became a not-for-profit limited company in 2004, and a charity in 2008 with Rosalind as Artistic Director.

She has a broad interest in the arts with a focus on the visual arts. At Fermynwoods she was particularly interested in engaging with the environment (both rural and urban) especially with the Forestry Commission, as well as current agendas in the locality. This was achieved through exhibitions, education programmes, residencies and outreach community projects. Rosalind resigned from her position at Fermynwoods at the end of 2009 and is now working independently. The main project she is presently involved with is Deep Roots Tall Trees which she initiated in 2011. She is currently a Trustee of The Core at the Cube in Corby and an observer on the Groundworks Northants Board.


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Kate Dyer

Kate has been a key figure in the Corby arts community since 1985. She is both part of the Deep Roots Tall Trees management team and Artistic Director of Corby Community Arts, which aims to build a sense of belonging and responsibility to local neighbourhoods through active participation in the arts. In her own right, she is a published photographer and community artist, and has worked on projects as diverse as Our Corby (an arts and heritage project) and is a founder of Late Developers photographic group.


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Gareth Fuller

Gareth is the Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir Director. An established musical and choral director with a national  reputation, he has brought the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir from humble beginning to the very highest level. Gareth has worked in many musical genres with a long list of respected organisations, people, and events that include the BBC’s The Voice, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal and Derngate Community Choir, Will Young, Laura Young and Carleen Anderson. He is a leading figure in the world of gospel singing and a key player in iGospel.


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Simon Steptoe

New general manager Simon Steptoe joins Deep Roots after working in the music industry for over 30 years, bringing together professional and amateur musicians from across the UK and the world. He met Ros and Kate in 2012 while helping set up Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust’s Inclusion Programme, and heard about their new arts project, a choir called… Deep Roots Tall Trees! Having watched the project develop from afar, he’s delighted to be part of the next phase of its exciting work.


Mark Brennan

Mark has been part of DRTT since the beginning, writing songs of his own, helping arrange others songs and playing and singing in our performances. Barb Jungr has helped him develop his artistic skills as well as confidence and professionalism.

Mark also has run The White Arc Music Studio with a large PA system since 2011. It enables people in and around Corby for the first time, to develop their music skills and have the opportunity to record their own music. The White Arc also runs The White Arc Music Festival which takes place once a year in Coronation Park since 2011. This has become an established showcase stage for local musicians to play along-side established bands and performers.

Since the organisation was formed, Mark has managed to offer support to more and more people as his reputation has grown and demand has increased.



George Riley

George has been involved in the DRTT project since the very beginning.

As one of the musicians involved with the project he quickly found himself writing original material and contributing to songs and music composed by others. Through the course of the DRTT project his musicianship and songwriting abilities have been considerably developed, and, as a consequence, he has found himself in demand as a writer and accompanist in local bands and duets.

As the DRTT project has progressed, there have been opportunities for George to increase his musical sophistication, and he has risen to the challenge. He now performs his own original material as part of a duet, and this material is being well received, particularly at the White Ark festival, a local festival where songwriters perform their own songs. The DRTT project has enabled George to find a voice, and to find an audience for that voice.


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Corby Community Arts

Corby Community Arts was established in 1979 and has since been engaged in a variety of high-profile participatory arts projects, developing extensive networks within the community, and an earning a growing reputation for good quality work. They are part of the five-member consortium directing the £1m Arts Council England project, Made in Corby.


The Choir

The Deep Roots Tall Trees Choir has grown from the group created to sing an original song written by Barb for the Queen’s visit to Corby in 2012. Gareth conducted the choir, and afterwards, Kate, Rosalind, and Barb thought it would be exciting to build on this success. With help from The Core, Big About Singing, and using local radio and newspapers, social media and word of mouth, Corbyites from all walks of life came together. The choir has ranged in size from 30 to 50 people, with ages from 15 to 75, and continues to welcome new people.

Registered Charity No. 1169357