Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Cultural Diversions

Whilst the core purpose of "Changing Corby" is to document the cultural heritage - largely through music and song - of Corby residents from the town's Scottish, Polish, Lativan, and Serbian communities... to whet our appetite for each phase of the project, we also worked with professional artists from each of those countries. Here is some of the material we collected along the way.


Laboratorium Pieśni

Kamila and Alina at Autum CentreOn 15th and 16th September 2018, we were delighted to host a series of workshops by Kamila Bigus and Alina Jurczyszyn, two members of Laboratorium Pieśni (Song Laboratory), from Gdansk.Choir learning Polish

We learned two Polish folk songs with them, "Oj Ty Rzeko" and "A Kiedy", representing an ancient tradition of singing found in areas of rural Poland. 

Here is a performance their full group singing "Oj Ty Rzeko".

"A Kiedy" sung by Kamila Bigus and Alina Jurczyszyn
"Oj Ty Rzeko" sung by Alina Jurczyszyn
Kamila Bigus and Alina Jurczyszyn peforming together - voice and instruments
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