Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Latvian Voices of Corby

Valdis and Aija Auers

Valdis came to Corby in 1951 and was one of the original members of the local Latvian choir which used to meet at Catthorpe Hall in Lutterworth.

Valdis and his wife talk about the Latvian community in Corby - estimated at around 1000 - as well as the strong Latvian choral traditional that the community brought across with them from Latvia. 

The original Latvian choir in Corby goes back to the end of the Second World War in 1944 and still meets today. Valdis also gives a rendition of a traditional Latvian song. 

Valdis and Aija Auers Latvian

Latvia - information sheet

To kick start the Latvian phase of our Changing Corby project, we have produced an information sheet to give some first insights into Latvians and their culture. 

Latvian Phase 3 DRTT Info Sheet 1

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