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Choirs in Corby

Artist, Rhoda Bertz, joins "Our Woods"

We are delighted to announce that German visual artist, Rhoda Bertz, is joining the "Our Woods" team to deliver a schools workshop on 8th December as part of our "National Tree Planting and Trees Dressing Day" events. You can find out all about Rhoda and her wonderful work right here.

rhodaIMG 8845"Trees and woods are at the base of everything, they support us on this planet. They give us clear air & water and support us through building material and fuel. They are at a basis of our existence, but they also give us joy, to look at, to wander in between. I enjoy observing their variety and graciousness and love walking." Rhoda Bertz

To find out more about our "National Trees Dressing and Trees Planting Day" visit the calendar entry on our site here.

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