Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Poem by Matthew Oates - "Fairies Beyond the Garden Bottom"

 As part of his brilliant "Our Woods" session on Sunday - Spirit of Place - Matthew Oates and the event participants put together this fantastic poem:

Fairies Beyond the Garden Bottom…

There is a wilderness in Corby, even now,

Where branches dance in tree-top wind,

Weaving new patterns on the memory board,

On the sound-scape of wooded life,

Just as spring roars home once more

And greens the clay land underwood,

Whilst the lingering musk of leaf mould

Tells of autumns long sunken by;

For forests are overruled by fungi –

Not just the scarlet elf cups we saw

But hidden, un-fruiting kinds - mycelia

Which usher fallen branches underground,

Healing the scars of storm-tossed days

That say this place can still be dangerous

Although it offers us escape and sanctuary

From our modern urban urbane world,

Into a truer time of deep-belonging,

Revealing again the wildwood of old

To every new set of wanderer eyes;

For once we were children of the forest,

Until we cleared the trees, to live apart,

Treating what remains of nature’s empire

As somewhere to visit when we like

To feel that lingering sense of freedom

And inveterate belonging – that sense

Of antiquity now slowly breaking down:

And always and forever our never ending

Love of places sanctified by mindful trees. 

(Kingswood, Corby, Northants.  Deep Roots Tall Trees.  26th February 2017)


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