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Choirs in Corby

"When the harmonies blend and you are working as a team...... there is nothing like it for sheer enjoyment!"

(DRTT Choir member)

Deep Roots Tall Trees (DRTT) is a Corby-based arts organisation that aims to extend the relevance of music, singing, dance and the arts to the widest possible local and regional audience.


We are pleased to announce that our new "Generations" project has received funding from the Heritage Fund.

This exciting new project will see us working with people in Corby exploring their lives and sharing their stories with local children and young people. 

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 Thanks to National Lottery players.



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We are rapidly approaching the culmination of everyone's work on our Eartheart project which started with the 10th Anniversary Concert back in October 2022.

EARTHEART celebrates 10 years of Deep Roots Tall Trees, local people, professional musicians and artists creating new work together. The project explores the theme of EARTH beginning with the question ‘What does the word Earth mean to you?’ - Earth as the planet we inhabit... earth as a substance that nurtures life... the earth under our feet in the places we call home.

This final phase of the project was ushered in on Wednesday 17th January with workshops attended by over 150 Corby primary school children from Studfall Junior Academy and Priors Hall - A Learning Community led by our Music Director, Gareth Fuller, and Maggie Boothby, Centre Head for NMPAT Corby. The school children learned one of our oldest songs, "Carried by Ravens", as well as one recently composed by students who attend NMPAT's Corby Music and Arts Centre which meets on Saturday mornings at the Ennerdale Centre - both songs are inspired by the people and history of Corby and connections to the Eartheart theme. 

On Saturday 20th and 27th January, the work continues with NMPAT at its Corby Centre... this time together with musicians from Sinfonia Viva who will be leading compositional work with the students along with pupils from the two schools.  

The final performance of all this activity... and more.... will take place at The Core at Corby Cube on Saturday 17th February starting at 6pm. 

The event will include all the contributions currently being worked on with these young people from Corby, Sinfonia Viva, NMPAT and Gareth... and will also feature the second performance of "Earth" by DRTT Dancetheatre, once again accompanied by live musicians and electronics... and a full set of original songs performed by the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir, several of which have been specially composed for the project.  

Tickets are now on sale online HERE.

Eartheart is supported with funding from: Arts Council England, Northamptonshire Community Foundation and The Kenneth Fund, NMPAT and Orchestras Live.



DRTT is now 10 years old! Whilst the organisation only became a charity in 2016, the original unincorporated association set up by Ros Stoddard, Barb Jungr and Kate Dyer (Corby Community Arts) goes back to over a decade to 2012.

To celebrate this incredible milestone we put on a 10th Anniversary concert celebrating a decade's worth of singing, songwriting and creativity at the Core at Corby Cube on 2nd October 2022. The choir sang through a repertoire consisting of songs written from the very earliest days through to our most recent projects... led by our Music Director, Gareth Fuller, with the choir accompanied by a live band, and guest appearances from Barb Jungr, George Reilly and Chris Brown.   

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One of our biggest achievements over the pandemic and all the various lockdowns has been the creation of a new song: "Doorstep Delight". The song was composed as part of our first collaboration with Sinfonia Viva and led by composer and pianist, Peter Letanka. The writing of the song was done entirely online over Zoom... with the audio and video elements of the final version recorded by choir members at home on their phones...  before sending the results through for mixing and mastering. The recording also features string players from Sinfonia Viva. "Doorstep Delight" is featured on our new "Lockdown EP", our first public release of our music and available on all, streaming services... and can be found on Spotify HERE.


Images and Sounds from our Cultural Celebration event on 26th September 2021 at the Core - supported by The Community Fund with the help of National Lottery Players


"The Peacock Butterfly and Swift" song from our first "Into the Wild" project 


"Things We Used to Make!" - DRTT Choir Lockdown Virtual Performance


DRTT Dancetheatre - Lockdown Dance Film


BEYOND CORBY - an exciting new project and direction for our organisation!

Whilst progress on BEYOND CORBY is mostly on hold due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, on Sunday 21st June, we ran a FREE ONLINE Midsummer Garland Workshop led by local artist, Carole Miles.

Here are the results!


And if you want to make your own... here's Carole showing you how...



What is "Beyond Corby"?

We are delighted that Arts Council England is supporting another Deep Roots Tall Trees initiative – "Beyond Corby". This new 2-year project builds on our previous venture, "Changing Corby", and will operate in two distinct phases.

Phase 1 starts this year and will reunite us with our partners and friends from different cultural groups based in Corby, specifically from the Scottish, Polish, Latvian and Serbian communities. Working together with them, our choir, dancetheatre group, songwriting collective (Ring of Fire) and local musicians, this phase will culminate in a cultural celebration and performance event through which we will share our love of music, dance, song, food and stories, all taking place at The Core at Corby Cube over a festive two days in June 2020.

Phase 2 starts later in 2020 and continues through into 2021, and will comprise a major creative collaboration with a professional orchestra bringing the DRTT choir and Ring of Fire together with composers and professional musicians to make wonderful new music and song bourne out of the experiences of local people, along with a new screen dance commission showcasing the talents of DRTT Dancetheatre.



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Choirs in Corby

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Release of "Lockdown EP" and "Doorstep Delight" video! - posted 24/2/2022

Despite all the restrictions during 2020 and 2021, we've kept busy with our choir and dancetheatre group... meeting weekly over Zoom... and we are proud to announce two important releases. Firstly, our "Lockdown EP", featuring songs composed and recorded at home by choir members on their phones!!!! The release also features the song, "Doorstep Delight", which was the result of our first collaboration with Sinfonia Viva and composer Pete Letanka. The result of this fantastic collaboration not only resulted in a track for our EP... but also a video of the choir and string players from the orchestra performing the song together... again, all recorded remotely by participants at home before being compiled into the final version!

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Cultural Celebration Event - September 2021 - posted 14/12/2021

Here's a lovely video of images and sounds from our Cultural Celebration event that took place at the Core on 26th September 2021.   The event, delayed by 15 months due to the pandemic, brought performers and people from Corby's Scottish, Lativian, Polish and English communities together with the DRTT Choir and Dancetheatre for an spectacular evening of music, dance, song and food!   We would like to thank the Community Fund and National Lottery Players for their support of this project.

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