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Choirs in Corby

Fungi of the Forest

As part of the "Our Woods "festival, John Haughton, a local fungi expert, led a curated walk in King’s Wood, focusing on fungi.
The walk took place in the autumn when the fungi are at their best and most prolific. John talked generally about fungi, identifying and contextualizing the history and usage of different varieties. He also talked more broadly about why King's Wood is such a special site for the mycologist.

Here's a map of John's walk... click on the image to download your own copy...HLF Mushroom map

Participants were encouraged to bring cameras and Corby Community Arts CEO and professional photographer, Kate Dyer, was there to assist everyone in taking detailed pictures of the fungi, the beauty of many only truly being captured through close-up shots and specific camera set ups. The process of taking these photographs assisted participants in exploring the beauty of these extraordinary lifeforms, left them with a personal record of the day, a visual tool to identify the same fungi in the future, and something to share with family and friends.

The photographic collection displayed online here is an important archival resource and was recently displayed in an exhibition at King’s
Wood Community Centre.

To access a wonderful gallery of fungi photos taken on the walk - CLICK HERE

Here are some of the images showing both their Latin and Common names.

IMG 0093 Marasmiellus ramealis Twig Parachute

Marasmiellus ramealis - Twig Parachute

IMG 0152 Mycena galericulata Common Bonnet

Mycena galericulata - Common Bonnet

IMG 0190 Stereum hirsutum Hairy Curtain Crust2

Stereum hirsutum - Hairy Curtain Crust

IMG 0431 Calocera viscosa Yellow Stagshorn

Calocera viscosa Yellow Stagshorn

IMG 0582 Collybia erythropus Redleg Toughshank

Collybia erythropus - Redleg Toughshank

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