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Choirs in Corby

Our Woods

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Our Woods, our last collaboration, brought together sound, movement and light to celebrate our town’s unique urban woodlands.

It was a creative journey for everyone involved, who came together joyfully through song writing, singing, performing and arts activities, developing confidence, ability, skills and ambition – and particularly... to have a lot of fun.

Here's what people said about the project: 

“I am so pleased that I took part in the week-long dance project ‘Wild Woods’ with Neil Paris.  Feeling quite nervous, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, but I needn’t have worried.  Neil is an exceptional teacher whose gentle, thoughtful approach inspires you to experiment, being brave, and fully immerse yourself in the creative process.  That feeling of connection with the surrounding nature, in a beautiful, ancient woodland was so powerful and inspiring, which in turn, led to many ‘wow’ moments.  Very early into the week I became completely at ease with the group and the process of building up the choreography.  Working with Neil was challenging in the best way. Every idea was valid and explored and by the end of the week, I felt very proud of what we had achieved.  I feel excited about the next phase of the project and can’t wait to be part of the final finale performances in May 2017.”

“I didn’t know what to expect, but it was more than I could ever imagine.”

“Thank you for this beautiful performance. It was so touching; the space you created and the world you opened. I enjoyed a lot the involvement of different people – generations and backgrounds. So inspiring! Would’ve loved to jump on one of the bicycles. Beautiful space, beautiful spirit. Thanks for reminding me that this is possible.”

“What amazing music was made from improvisation. Once the barriers came down and inhibitions were thrown to the wind, the results were stunning.”

“Enjoyed the opportunity to be free with sound – listening and responding – almost hypnotizing. Felt the support of the group to be free to be expressive.”

“Enjoyable. Different. Discovered Corby Woods! Might join the choir…”

“I came on the spur of the moment. Well worth it. Wonderful to see the process from start to finish. Amazing to see the images projected on the tree.s”

“Absolutely magical. I had no idea what to expect and it was brilliant! The 3D effect was amazing. A very clever idea and fun!”

“Such a great and exciting time in the woods. Never done anything like it before. Brilliant that this is happening in Corby! Wish I had told my friends, they would have loved i.t”

“Another fabulous day in the ‘Our Woods’ programme - transporting and encouragement to play with others and ourselves far away from home.”

“A unique experience. Surreal, bizarre but ultimately so awesome! Really enjoyed this.”

“Excellent recordings - what was real and what came through the headphones? Made me stop and look at the landscape. Isolating yet a fascinating group activity.”

“A wonderful opportunity for children (and adults) to be at one with nature. The music was magical and I really wanted to dance.”

“Excellent, imaginative, thought provoking – First Class. Great use of Corby’s beautiful woodlands.”

“…an amazing and emotional experience. The hard-hitting message of the destruction of our woodlands for the gain of money. The piece was performed so beautifully with amazing reality and magic.”

“Great performance – I loved being the fox assistant. I loved the puppet boy.”

“This workshop really helped me conquer a fear of ‘can’t do that … thank you.”

“Absolutely loved this afternoon. What a brilliant thing you’ve arranged. I was cautious at first having just recovered from a year of injuries but shoes off and I loved it. Thanks to Anthony for his shoulders and guidance … again please!”

“Anthony was a charismatic, and brilliant leader for all capabilities.”

“The afternoon session was good, fun and challenging. The instructor and guest speaker (Anthony and Jack) were very informative and good at getting people to achieve things they thought they couldn’t. A worthwhile experience. Thanks.”

“I love Corby’s woods because they are really beautiful. Lost in imagination and childhood memories. This was so much fun and a brilliant way to enjoy the great outdoors and nature. Everyone enjoys creating.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience - very liberating to be a child again! Enjoyed the manual work – the rapport – fun and laughter.”

“Another trip back into childhood with several games of hide and seek in the woods. Not only did it take me back to my own childhood but also back to my children’s’ childhood too. I think this should be a regular activity. Very good fun.”

“Hide and Seek! Well it’s many years since I played that. Heart was pounding as I crouched under a bush with raindrops tapping down the leaves. I had no idea the woods were so beautiful.”

“...enjoyed the walk very much. Found the history very interesting. I grew up on Rockingham Road and have learnt a lot that I didn’t know about.”

“Fascinating talk by Peter - who knows so much about the area. It was a beautiful day and thoroughly enjoyed seeing around the outside of Rockingham castle including the wild garden (woodland) which was new to me.”

“What an inspirational festival. As new visitors to Northamptonshire it has been a revelation. Thank you. A beautiful part of the world. Dr. Hill took us back in time and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Determined to explore Corby more next time.”

“Fantastic to hear about history on your own doorstep.”

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