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Choirs in Corby

Our Latvian weekend experience! Songs, Dance and Easter Eggs!

LATVIAN SYMBOLS v.3 page 001From the evening of Friday 12th April through to the afternoon of Sunday 14th April, we organised an extended weekend of cultural activities for the local community focussing on traditional Latvian arts and culture. There were a wide range of activities IMG 0729 croppedon offer including learning Latvian songs and dance as well as a drop-in workshop trying out the Easter custom of decorating eggs and dying them with onion skins. There was also a display put together by Zane Jansone and Judy Caine explaining various Latvian pagan symbols and their meaning.

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Traditional Latvian Songs

Led by Janis Zakis and supported by DRTT's Choir Director, Gareth Fuller, the DRTT choir, bolstered by local people from in and around Corby, learned 4 traditional Latvian songs. One, "Put Vejini" ("Blow Breeze") is considered to be the unofficial national anthem of the Latvian people and often sang at national events and occasions such as the Latvian Song and Dance Festival that takes place every five years and which attracts around 40,000 performers. 

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"Put Vejini" - audio from
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