Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Deep Roots Tall Trees 2012

The first performance of Deep Roots Tall Trees in November 2012 at The Core, Corby Cube was given a rapturous reception and even won ’round the initially sceptical!

"I was a bit reluctant to come to the concert in the first place – choral music not being my thing really – but I was so glad I did. From being welcomed by folk singers  to leaving at the end a bit hoarse and tear stained, I had a wonderful uplifting evening. It was so exciting seeing and hearing my fellow Corbyites singing songs about our town". Meriel White


Carried by Ravens

This town is our town
all that we can be
all those who died here
made our history
This town is our town
once a manor royal
where deer ran softly
ore beneath the soil
This town is our town
all that we have done
carried by ravens
bringing in the sun
This town is our town
following the trail
to better futures
Latvian and Gael
This town is our town
citadel made real
forged from the hell-fires
alchemy of steel
Men came on foot
hundreds of them
for hundreds of miles
no money
they slept under hedges
to come here
to work
to make new homes
new lives
for their wives and children
and this town turned from a village
to a castle of steel
raised up and fallen
within one woman’s lifetime
now we rise again
now we rise again
This town is Corby
grown through sweat and blood
dancing at daybreak
through the bluebell wood
This town is Corby
kites above the trees
from every country
flags fly in the breeze
This town is Corby
coffee bars and trains
adrenaline alley
cycling in the lanes
This town is Corby
opening her eyes
Phoenix and Raven
Once again we rise
Phoenix and Raven
Once again we rise
(Barb Jungr, 2012)

barb and the deep roots tall tree choir

“It was so good to see local musicians singing songs by, and about Corby people. Projects like this help people find their voice, come together and express civic pride. It was brilliant – well done!” Andy Sawford, MP

"The standard of material was good enough for high profile concert halls. I was particularly moved by the tangible connection between performers and audience and the electric atmosphere generated in the theatre.” Martin Sutherland, Chief Executive, Northamptonshire Arts Management Trust

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