Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Anthony Shrag

anthony shrag u7322Once described as 'fearless', Anthony Schrag has been known to blow things up, kidnap people, attempt the world record for hand-holding and recently walked 2500 km across Europe all in the name of art. For Our Woods, Anthony will be doing something else he loves, climbing trees.  In his climbing trees for grown-ups, the artist will help you scale new heights and escape into the the simple pleasure of exploring just about the only place the modern town-dweller can find solitude these days... up a tree. 

Anthony Schrag was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in the Middle East, the UK, and Canada. He is currently based in Scotland. By his own admittance he prefers to work with people rather than produce art objects. 

Photo: Craig Hutchison

Registered Charity No. 1169357