Choirs in Corby, Deet Roots Tall Trees
Choirs in Corby

Scottish residents of Corby - interviews and songs

Jessie McIntyre Lyons

Jessie Lyons photoJessie McIntyre Lyons is a Scottish resident of Corby. 

Jessie sings some of the songs she remembers from her youth and talks about coming to Corby to live from Scotland. 


Jack Dennis Slater

Jack Slater photoJack and his parents hailed from Peterhead, north of Aberdeen. Jack starts the interview talking about his memories of Peterhead and the local fishing community. 

Jack Slater Scottish

Annette Driver

Annette Driver photoAnnette came to Corby from Glasgow with her parents when she was 18 months old. She has been a long-time member of the DRTT choir (although not currently attending) and is also a local singer and musician. In the interview, Annette starts off talking about some of the Scottish cuisine she remembers from her youth.   


Interview - audio

Kathleen McKenzie

Kathleen McKenzie photoKathleen is a Scottish resident of Corby. 

In her interview she talks about coming down from Aberdeen to Corby with her father due to the presence of the steel works in the town. 

Interview - part one - audio
Interview - part two - audio

Ann Gray

Ann G photo

Ann is a long time member of the Deep Roots Tall Trees choir and our song-writing group, Ring of Fire. 

Ann talks about her life and the various adventures that led to her settling in Corby. 

Interview - audio

Mark McLaughlan

Mark McL photoMark was born in Kettering after his parents came down to Northamptonshire in the 60s. Mark starts the interview talking about how he started playing the bagpipes!!

Interview - audio

Ross and Elaine Armour

Ross and E ArmourOf Scottish descent, but born and bred in Corby, Ross and Elaine talk about their involvement in and love of Highland Dancing and the Skelding School of Highland Dancing they run together in Corby, 

Elaine Armour - interview - audio
Ross Armour - interview - audio
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